Inside & Out’s independent report will provide unbiased written confirmation of the condition of the property and can be used as part of the Lease Agreement.
The evaluation of the electrical supply and systems is fairly complicated. It also poses potential risks to the home inspector, and often highlights defects that could endanger the home’s occupants.
Some homeowners do the maintenance themselves, and others get help with it. Either way Inside & Out Home & Property Inspection’s report will not only list the items needing immediate attention, it will also list the items requiring annual or even seasonal maintenance attention.
The home inspector can only comment and report on what he or she can see.  The home inspector is not required to remove any fixed access panels.  Many plumbing components are hidden in this way and are, therefore, not accessible for inspection.
Inside & Out Home Inspection’s Building Compliance report will reduce the risk of purchasing a home or property without approved Building Plans.
Thermography, or Thermal Imaging, is the maintenance diagnostic tool of the future. Infrared detects differences in temperatures as little as 0.1 degrees Celsius, which when interpreted by a trained technician can identify many hidden defects in a home.

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