Building Plan Compliance Report

It is common knowledge that when a house or a structure is built on immovable property that the law requires the plans to be drawn up in a particular manner and approved by the relevant Local Authority. It stands to reason that every dwelling or house should have a set of plans. However, this is not always the case and sometimes people only discover that there are no plans for their house years later when they want to make alterations to their house or when they want to sell their property. Having approved plans for your property has therefore become a major concern and in many instances an issue for many South Africans buying and selling property.

If an offer to purchase agreement is subject to a purchaser obtaining a loan from a bank or other financial institution, financial institutions will in some instances grant their loan subject to the receipt of approved plans in respect of the property being purchased. If the plans supplied to the financial institution do not correspond to the property, the financial institution will not provide the necessary consent to proceed with the registration of the bond and the sale could potentially fall through (if the loan is a suspensive condition). In addition to this the seller will be left with the cost and hassle to rectify the problem if they still wish to sell the property and may be liable for a fine for the illegal building works undertaken on the property without approval.

Inside & Out Home Inspection’s Building Compliance report will reduce the risk of purchasing a home or property without approved Building Plans.

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