Electrical Inspections

The evaluation of the electrical supply and systems is fairly complicated. It also poses potential risks to the home inspector, and often highlights defects that could endanger the home’s occupants.

Visual inspection of the Distribution Board may come next in the process. The home inspector is not required to remove the DB front panel’s. If the inspector decides to exceed the Standards of Practice and removes the cover, the inspector might look at the condition of the panel, breakers or fuses, panel interior, and the attachment of branch circuit wiring, and determine what the materials are that are used in the electrical system.

In all cases, the electrical inspection is a visual one, and the inspector should not put himself or herself or the client in any danger while inspecting the house. To that end, the inspector is not required to insert any tools or measuring devices into electrical panels. Systems or circuits that are turned off at the time of inspection should not be re-energized, as they may have been shut down due to existing faults.